Friday, February 10, 2012

Just can't find the words...

The last few weeks since the beginning of the year have been massive for me...Yes I have noticed I haven't sat down to contribute to the blog, but that was because despite having an avalanche of ideas and experiences, I still had writer's block...
I realised words are sometimes like music...when you are finally ready to play, your fingers may not always follow suit. Or a surfer who is on the path of a great wave, but just cannot make the paddle to ride it out...
To say that a writer's emotions do not contribute to the quality of his work is ignorance. In my case, the emotions were there, the words were their, the thoughts and expereinces were there, but the music did not play for me.
Sometimes it takes a good break, silence and an absence of having to explain in words that gives words new meaning to words when they do flow... Right now, writing, I feel like I am playing music.. a beautiful melody of experience!
But a new medium is really appropriate to showcase my Images from the Hawai'ian north shore and the wonderful Volcom Pipe Pro 2012 competition in Banzai Pipeline. Enjoy!

Photos and writing copyright © SoulSurfer 10th February 2012 at 9.30pm


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