Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspiration comes in waves

Inspiration comes in waves. It really does. This is something that hit me today as I sat down in my car after a pleasant day of work.

The analogies and puns between waves and inspiration are numerous, and a delight to describe. Any surfer knows what wave sets are. At times you lie on your board and welcome the calmness of the small waves gently rocking you. A chance to breathe, relax, refocus, enjoy. And then, the excitement of suddenly seeing the trough of a wave curve deeply downward, develop and impend towards the shore, not knowing what surprises follow after. Catching that wave, standing up and navigating through Mother Nature; the feeling has no description. Eventually, you come to the end of your tide and either jump ship or hit dry land. Once again, you take your board and steer out to sea for the next big wave.

Obviously, as all this plays in my head, I can’t help wonder why sometimes we do not attempt to catch those waves of inspiration in life? Why do we lie on the board, gently being rocked by safety and stability? Sooner or later, the wave will come that will either ride you out to glory or pummel you over, and spit you out somewhere new. If change is not welcome in our lives, but direly needed, it will find a way to invite itself in.
On the other hand, we wait for inspiration to come, perhaps ignoring the “baby waves” that don’t pack such a punch, but have the ability to in numbers. Sometimes we feel we have outgrown the small and simple, but maybe need to get back to those roots and rediscover.

At times you have taken the small, and yearn for the big and impactful; life just needs to excite you in a new and feisty way.
But sometimes the basics need to be revisited, rehashed, and ridden out once again. Maybe the essence lies in appreciating what got you where you are.

One thing is certain: inspiration comes in sudden, unexpected waves, and you never know what you’ll be hit with next. Where will you take your next wave? 

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Brandon said...

Wow, that was beautifully and soulfully written. Definitely resonates deeply with me. I think you have great potential as a writer so keep it up girl, you've just got yourself a new fan :-]

Court said...

That was truely magnificent. I write music, and sometimes I'm so inspired and i might write a couple of good songs within a month, then I might go a month with no inspiration to write at all. What this article expresses and what I've realized are the same, you have to take advantage of the "wave" of inspiration when life gives it to you, and ride the hell out of it...

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